Agave havardiana - 10 seeds
Agave havardiana - 10 seeds
Agave havardiana - 10 seeds

Agave havardiana - 10 seeds

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Agave havardiana (Havard's Century Plant) is an acaulescent midsized species forming rosettes low to the ground, sometimes creating suckers but not forming large colonies like some other species. The short, silver-grey to nearly white triangular leaves of Agave havardiana are up to 2 feet (60 cm) long, about three to four times longer than broad, with teeth along the margins and at the tip. When the plant matures and blooms, the tall candelabra inflorescence rises to over 23 feet (7 meters), bearing yellow to yellow-green flowers that attract birds and bees. Its leaves are broader and more chalky in color to Agave parryi, which it superficially resembles, and it is an altogether larger and more imposing plant.


Agave havardiana is a wonderful cold-hardy Agave that suckers, but tends to be slow to sucker, so easy to keep control of. Because of its compact size, plus its low water use and low maintenance, it is considered a good landscaping plant for desert residential landscaping.
Growth rate: Slow to medium growing, but speeds up considerably given the best conditions.
Exposure: They do well in full sun or a lightly shaded area with afternoon shade.
Soil: They do best in very well-drained, sandy, or gravely soil. As an ornamental, it is also grown in containers where it stays smaller than its outdoor brethren. In pots, they need a very porous mix of soil (e.g., two parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part of pumice).
Repotting: Use pot with good drainage.
Fertilization: They grow quickly if kept well nourished with a slow-release fertilizer specifically formulated for cactus and succulents applied once or twice a year (poor in nitrogen), including all micronutrients and trace elements.
Hardiness: Agave havardiana is hardy to -7 to -12° C, depending on clones.