Mammillaria candida v rosea - 10 seeds
Mammillaria candida v rosea - 10 seeds

Mammillaria candida v rosea - 10 seeds

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Mammillaria candida f. rosea is a nice pink spined form of the usually white Mammillaria candida. Today the names Mammillaria candida var. rosea has been dismissed as a colour variant in a colour variabile species, and is not accepted by many botanists that treat it as synonym, but it still has a value for a collector because they identify plants with particular characters.


It is one of the more difficult species to grow long enough to produce clumps, but if grown correctly, it will reward the grower with generous displays of purple flowers; plants should be allowed to become crowded in their pot. Keep in shallow pots. Need regular water but do not water again until dry as it is specially sensitive to over watering. Also, it is a species that is dormant in the winter and require very little water (maybe even none) during the cold months. 
Light frost protection required. Minimum of 5ºC for safe growing (but hardy up to -5°C or less.) 
High levels of light are needed to flower and for good spine development. Can be sunburned if moved from shade/greenhouse into full sun too quickly. During the spring it may be able to take full sun until the heat arrives at the end of spring. In an area that has hot afternoon sun, it may be able to take full morning sun, but requires afternoon shade or afternoon light shade. 
Leave seeds or offsets that appear at the base attached to form a cluster, or wait until they are 1/3 the size of the parent and then detach and plant.