Parodia magnifica - 10 seeds
Parodia magnifica - 10 seeds
Parodia magnifica - 10 seeds

Parodia magnifica - 10 seeds

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Parodia magnifica (common names - Balloon Cactus, Green and Blue Ball Cactusstill known in cultivation with its old name Eriocactus magnificus, is a bluish-green geometric globular cactus with wool that grows in clusters and produce absolutely brilliant yellow flowers. These cacti develop a slight depression on the crown, which may become distorted with age. Parodia magnifica glistens under a haze of pale yellow spines. Cristate (wavy-edged) forms are available, but these are usually grafted plants.

Parodia magnifica is an easy to grow ornamental species suited for any well-drained soil in half or full sun.

Growth rate: It is a relatively rapidly growing and easily flowering species that will make clumps given the best conditions.

Soil and pots: It likes a deep pot with generous drain holes, needs a very airy potting medium very permeable to water which mainly consists of non-organic material such us clay, pumice, lava grit, expanded slate and only a little peat or leaf-mold, slightly acid, pH-value between 4,5–6; re-pot every two years.

Fertilization: Need a perfect fertilizer diet in summer. Use a cacti and succulents fertilizer, preferably with high potassium content, including all micronutrients and trace elements or slow-release fertilizer.

Exposure: This plant needs full sun but tolerates moderate shade, and a plant that has been growing in the shade should be slowly hardened off before placing it in full sun as the plant will be severely scorched if moved too suddenly from shade into sun.

Watering: No water should ever be allowed to stand around the roots. Keep almost completely dry in winter. However, this spurge will tolerate dryness and can even thrive in poor, dry soils, but do better when grown in nutrient-rich soils with regular watering.

Hardiness: Tender. This cactus cannot tolerate any frost and can be difficult to get it to look its best without a good amount of heat. It can be grown outdoors in frost-free climates.

Rot: Rot is only a minor problem with cacti if the plants are watered and “aired” correctly. If they are not, fungicides won't help all that much.